medical emergency

In the event of a medical emergency or accident involving personal injury in the workplace immediately call 911 and Security/Property Management. Give security/office management the floor number, location on the floor and the type of accident or medical emergency.

Patient Assessment & Crowd Control

Certified CPR/AED employees, if present, should be notified to respond to the medical emergency (via email, phone, or runner) and assume control of the situation. The certified employees have been trained to conduct patient assessment and to ensure that the following procedures are followed:

  • Conduct Patient Assessment and ensure:
    • That 911 has been notified and the AED and First Responder Kit are on the scene.
  • Secure the scene by:
    • Confirming the scene is safe for rescuers
    • Removing all non-essential personnel from the area
    • Clearing a path for EMS arrival

Someone should remain with the victim. Do not move the victim unless in immediate danger. Keep comfortable and warm. Security will ensure elevator is available and waiting at the street level and will meet the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) ambulance crew outside the building and direct them to the freight elevator.