We provide a unique and effective online Fire & Life Safety training program through the RJ Westmore training portal.  This presentation provides a comprehensive overview of the Property’s emergency procedures.  It is required by Los Angeles City Fire Code that this training be reviewed and completed by all new occupants within 14 days of arrival and annually thereafter.  This requirement applies to all full time, part time, seasonal, and temporary employees.  If your employee has an access badge, and only periodically works on the property, they still must complete this training as noted above.

The RJ Westmore system provides the following information:

  • Emergency procedures “What to do in case of an emergency”
  • Floor Warden/occupant training
  • Variety of other emergency situations

Note: It is the tenant’s responsibility to ensure all suite/floor occupants’ compliance with Fire & Life Safety Training requirements.


In the event of an emergency, Floor Wardens will play a key role in ensuring an orderly response and complete evacuation of affected floors if necessary.  By law, tenants are required to maintain a minimum of one primary Floor Warden one alternative Floor Warden, and an Emergency Response Team consisting of Stairwell Monitors, Elevator Monitors, Searchers, and Assistants for each Physically Challenge employee in your office.  Additionally, Floor Wardens and alternates are required to obtain and annually renew a valid Floor Warden Certificate.  Please contact Security for more information on Tenant Floor Wardens.

EverBridge emergency notification system

EverBridge Emergency notification system is a service that sends out emails, texts, and calls to all building contacts in the event of emergencies.