As part of our commitment to environmental consciousness and to utilizing sustainable energy sources, City National 2CAL has partnered with ChargePoint to bring Electronic Vehicle (EV) Charging to the Property.

  • Location: P2 Parking Level, just off the Olive Street entrance.
  • Parking: Charging station parking is reserved for electric vehicles only.
  • Station Reservations: Reserve a charging session with the ChargePoint App or Sign Up for a ChargePoint account.

Discounted Tenant Charging Costs:


  • The DC Fast Charging Station offers a 2-hour parking validation during Olive Street Valet Station business hours, Monday through Friday 6:00AM – 9:00PM.
  • Extended use of charging station is billable by ChargePoint even if vehicle has finished charging.

Discounted Charging for Tenants of City National 2CAL

Tenants wishing to take advantage of discounted charging rates must follow these steps:

  1. If you do not already have a ChargePoint account, please visit www.chargepoint.com and click the “Sign Up” link at the top right of the website. A ChargePoint card will be mailed to you at the address provided in your registration. If you wish to begin using the ChargePoint stations immediately you may download the mobile application, available for both iPhone and Android smartphones.
  2. After you are registered with ChargePoint, or if you are an existing ChargePoint user, the next step is to make a “Connection”. A Connection is what identifies you as an authorized user of the ChargePoint station. Log in to your ChargePoint Driver account and select the Connections tab at the top of the browser.
  3. To request a Connection, you must enter the following code in the Connection code box and click Apply. The code is: “2CAL EV”
  4. Upon entering the code, you will be shown the Connection offer where you can request a Connection. Click on the Request Connection link in the table.
  5. Enter any information requested and accept the Terms and Conditions of the offer. Upon submitting your request, the ChargePoint administrator will receive a notification and will verify your request and grant you access to the ChargePoint stations.

How to start a charging session:

  1. If you already have a ChargePoint account use our mobile app or hold your ChargePoint card over the station’s reader symbol to start.
  2. If you do not have an account do not worry, signing up for ChargePoint is fast and easy. Just download the ChargePoint App, set up an account to start charging instantly, or sign up for a ChargePoint Card and set up an account on ChargePoint.com.
  3. After the station authorizes you, remove the charging station’s connector by pressing down on the button at the top of the handle while pulling the connector from the holster.
  4. Plug the connector into your electric vehicle. The station will display a message indicating the vehicle is charging.
  5. Questions? Watch the Charging on the Go video.

For more information on the charging station, please visit: https://www.chargepoint.com/drivers

Benefits of Joining ChargePoint, the world’s largest EV charging network:

  • Find and reserve charging stations (free and paid)
  • See real-time station availability on the ChargePoint app and website
  • Get mobile alerts (charging available, interrupted, or complete)
  • Track your gasoline savings and green footprint
  • Review your charging sessions and manage payments

If you have any issues charging at a station just call the toll-free number on the station and a ChargePoint support professional will help you immediately. ChargePoint support is available 24/7 for EV drivers with a ChargePoint account.

Visit ChargePoint.com to start driving a better way.

Don’t have a ChargePoint account?

You can still use the stations by paying with a credit card. Follow the instruction on the stations and call 1-888-758-4389. ChargePoint will assist you through the payment and charging process.

EV Car Charging Etiquette

Thank you for using the vehicle charge station here at City National 2CAL. We support your decision to drive an electric vehicle and ask that you follow these simple rules while charging.

Safety First

Practice safe charging by properly managing the cord during and after charging. During charging tuck the cord under your car so people will not trip on any excess length or drive over it. After charging, neatly wind the cord on its holder and tuck in any excess length. Avoid overstretching the cord and do not place the cord such that it contacts any part of another vehicle.

EV Charging Spaces are for EVs Only

It is not acceptable for a gasoline powered vehicle to park in a charging spot designated for a plug-in car. That is a firm rule, no matter how crowded a parking lot is, and no matter how infrequently the charging location is used.

Charge Only When Necessary

Do not charge if you do not need a charge. Leave the spot free for another EV driver who might need the charge to complete his or her daily travels. Please utilize your home as your primary charging location and use workplace charging as needed to augment your home charge.

All Electric Vehicles are Created Equal

An owner of a pure battery electric vehicle (BEV) does not have the right to unplug an extended-range electric vehicle (EREV), such as a Chevy Volt, or a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) just because that car has a back-up gas engine. Our goal is for every EV driver to maximize his/her daily electric commute.

Do Not Unplug Someone Else’s EV… Except When They Are Done Charging

Do not unplug someone else’s EV, unless they have clearly finished charging (blinking green charge- indicator light on the dash). Take care when touching anyone else’s car, charge cord, etc. – treat it like your own. And if you unplug a car that has finished charging, make sure to close the charge door so it is not mistaken for a car waiting to be charged.

Charge Up and Move On…

Only occupy a charging spot while your car is being charged. As soon as the charging session is completed – either when your battery is full or when you have adequate range to comfortably reach your destination – be prepared to unplug and move your car, making way for a fellow plug-in driver. It is never acceptable to park your vehicle in a designated charge spot for the entire day. These are charging spots, not parking spots.

Workplace Charging is an Amenity, not a Right

Remember, charging your vehicle is an amenity, not a right. You are an ambassador of an important and growing market for plug-in electric vehicles. We appreciate your help. Thank You!

If you have any questions, please contact the ChargePoint Support Team (1-888-758-4389)

Happy Charging!